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24th November 1996, Yes. It is our Red Letter Day. It was on this date that our Association came into being at No.20, Prakasam Street, B.V. Puram, Avadi, Chennai -54. Thiruvallur District was earlier known as Chengai MGR District, With the change in the political scenario, this name also got changed.

Our Maiden team of office bearers for the first two year term i.e., 1996 - 1998 camprised patrons Lion Dr. Ilangovan Vedagiri, Mr. Ln. B. Jayaraman, Mr. Ln. Victory M. Mohan as President, Mr. S. Narayanaswamy as Vice President, Mr. V. Venugopalan as secretary and Mr. S. Balaraman as the Treasurer. Mr. K. Sirajudeen, Mr. G. Ravi, Mr. R. Srivatsan, as joint secretaries V. Kumaraswamy, I. Ashok Kumar, K. Purushothaman, as organising secretaries and M.S. Charjalu, K. Gunasekaran as office secretaries.

During 1996 - 98, the TVLRDCA conducted as many as 13 District selection Tournaments and one coaching programme to the young chess aspirants. Our successful players represented the TVLRDCA in the T.N. State selection championship.

In 1998 - 2001, our second set of office bearers assumed charge. This team was more or less the same as that of 1996 - 98 except that Mr. V. Venugopalan rose to Vice President, while the Treasurer Mr. S. Balaraman, became Secretary.

The period 1998 - 2001 witnessed phenomenal growth and activities of the TVLRDCA. As many as 24 District Selection Tournments, 3 state Championship 5 T.N. State level championships, 2 coaching programmes for the young chess enthusiasts were successfully conducted. To cap it all, the TVLRDCA achieved the rare distinction of conducting the first ever National under 18 Boys and Girls Championship at Avadi in a grand fashion. Nearly 90 players from 24 states across India took part in this Mega National event which won the appreciation and admiration of one and all without drawing a single protest from any quarter.

Thanks to the excellent team work, this national event earned us the name and fame as the best organiser of the national Tournament. This achievement was possible only with the able guidance and support given by the personalities like victory M.Mohan, Rtn. Phf, Prof. Dilip Bhandari, Rtn. Phf. S.Sampath, Rtn. Sudharshan Rungta, Rtn. Brij Khandelwal, N.Thirumurthy, youth Director of Rotary Club of Madras Central Dist.3230. All the above well wishers extend their help and assistance to the growth of TVLRDCA in their respective ways and means, even today.

We have to make special mention of two important and dynamic personalities who have contributed immensely to the growth of Chess and our Association within the short span of four years since inception. One is, Ln. Victory M. Mohan and the other, Mr. Brij Khandelwal. Mr. Victory M. Mohan has been very magnanimous in sparing free of rent an office space at a vantage point like Thirumullaivoyal where we have our present accommodation. In times of our need, he loses no time, and comes forward instantly to help us with the required assistance. He is primarily responsible for our survival and sustenance. Words fail us to adequately thank him for all his gestures. May his tribe continue in the years ahead! Mr. Brij Khandelval has used his good offices to fetch us many sponsors time and again. But for him, we would not have successfully conducted the T.N State Team Championship wherein 23 teams from T.N. took part. He went further to enable us organise the IV T.N. Rapid Championship a dream which became a reality. His role in our successful conduct of IX National Championship for under 18 Boys and Girls in Nov. 2000 at Avadi cannot be gainsaid in that he was instrumental in the Rotary Club of Madras Central contributing immensely towards the prize money to the successful players who have made it all the way from different corners of The country. We do wish Mr. Brij Khandelwal continue his help and guidance to TVLRDCA in his own inimitable ways, Hats off to him!

In Tamil Nadu as a whole, nobody contacts the Schools as we do in encouraging the budding Chess talents. This just cannot be reduced to a few lines here, and hence is printed elsewhere in this souvenir, wherefrom it can be seen that TVLRDCA has been conducting various Rolling Trophies Championships Pushpavalli Srinivasan Rolling Trophy for Dist. Senior Rapid, Preeti P. Watwani, Sandeep, P. Watwani Rolling Trophy for District U-7, U-9, Vishal Rolling Trophy for Dist. U-18 Boys & Girls, Velammal Rolling Trophy for District U-12, U-14 and Sethu Bhaskara Rolling Trophy for District Senior at various schools.

Of late, Chess awareness is on the rise. More and more children are taking to this fine game. It is a happy augury. Hence, we have decided to encourage formation of Chess academies wherever possible. As on date, 8 Chess Academies have sprung up and are functioning under the banners of TVLRDCA.

TVLRDCA has been in the forefront in conducting successful tournaments like T.N. state events, state level events, District level selections and finally the National level under 18 Boys and Girls Championship. The names behind our success are many, but notable among them are Mr. Manual Aaron, General Secretary of TNCA, Mr. D.V. Sundar, Vice President of AICF Mr. K. Thirukalathy and Mr. K. Murali Mohan Joint Secretaries of TNCA . They were only responsible for our present status. They only gave us the necessary administrative guidance right from our formative days.

Our present dream is we have to have our own big building. We should function all the 24 hours of the day. We have to unearth many more 'Anands and Aarthy Ramaswamys'. We have to have generous minded sponsors. We have to have all the school premises to conduct as many tournaments as possible in a year. We have to have lot of dedicated chess enthusiasts to come forward to serve the TVLRDCA, and through it, the people of Thiruvallur District. If all this comes true and a reality, then we have no doubt, all the 64 squares are ours ! And in Black and White !!

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