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Aswath and Tejaswini win MPL National Sub Junior Open and Girls Chess Championships 2022 convincingl

Tamil Nadu's Aswath S and Tejaswini G scored an unbeaten 9.5/11 each to win MPL 47th National Sub-Junior Under-15 Open and 38th National Sub-Junior Girls Chess Championship 2022. Both of them finished a half point ahead of the field. Aswath drew with both remaining podium finishers - runner-up Arjun Adireddy (TEL) 9/11 and second runner-up FM Harsh Suresh (TN) 8.5/11. Tejaswini drew with the eventual runner-up WCM Kheerthi Ganta (TEL) 9/11 and defeated the second runner-up Shubhi Gupta (UP) 8.5/11. In both sections, the top two finishers did not require tie-breaks. Since the previous edition champions, IM Pranesh M and Tanisha Boramanikar crossed the eligibility criteria, they could not defend their titles. Photo: IA Mrityunjay Singh

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